Biking At The Quezon City Memorial Circle

Bea has been asking (pleading) us to buy her a bike. Blame in on the other kids on our block, they all have their "grown up"bikes... with 2 wheels plus trainer wheels. This has been her Christmas wish... and later on her birthday wish. Hubby had a deal with her, if she stops sucking her thumb while sleeping, he will buy her a bike. Their agreed deadline is her 4th birthday, however that day came and went with her still sucking her thumb to put her to sleep. =)

To keep her from being sad, we decided to go to the park, not only for some fresh air, but also for for Bea to try riding a bike on her own. (we were just trying to see if she can reach the pedals and actually operate the bike on her own. we rented a small bike with side car for her and a big one for hubby and me. This is my first time to ride with hubby... and it was quiet a fun experience! even hubby had a great time! Bea was so proud that she is riding a "grown up" bike at last, although still with the help of her nanny. =)

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