Forcing your child to go for a time out is a good way to stop a child’s misbehaving. This also allows her to regain her composure. But you can’t just shove your child towards a corner and let her stare at a blank wall, there has to be rules to be set.

  • Designate a spot in the house that is uninteresting and away from where most members of the family are. This will be your child’s official time out spot.
  • Using simple words let your child understand the reason why her behavior caused her to go for a short time out. Let her know that hitting or shouting at her friend is not appropriate behavior, hence the time out.
  • Impose the time out immediately after the misbehavior is done, so that your child will associate the misbehaving with the time out.
  • Keep time outs short. 3-5 minutes should be long enough for toddlers and preschoolers. The time out is meant to stop the child’s misbehavior, not as a punishment.
  • After the time out, talk to your child again and remind her why she was given a time out (it is not right to hit or shout…etc). Then direct her attention towards another activity that she can be interested in and focus on.

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