Tips on Getting Your Toddler Ready For His or Her First Haircut

A toddler’s first visit to the salon doesn’t need to be stressful or traumatic. In fact, it should be fun. In fact it can be considered as one of the child’s milestones. I cut my Bea’s hair until she was a toddler. It was when she started getting curious why I go to a salon to have my haircut that I decided it was time for her to get professional hair care.

Here are some tips to prepare your kids for their first trip to the salon:

Let your child know in advance when you intend to go for a haircut. Have a countdown. Mark your calendar with your child’s crayons. Make sure you pass by the salon a few times before actually going. This will familiarize your child to the place.

Be honest and let your child know what exactly will happen at the salon. Don’t tell him or her that you’ll just be going to the park or to his or her favorite fast food. Your child will surely feel betrayed.

Pick your child’s best time. Make sure your child is in the right mood when you go for a haircut. Make sure he or she is fed and rested. Cranky children are not the most cooperative children.

Make sure there is a friendly face there to accompany your child.

Once done, make sure to praise your child for being a good boy/girl, and let them know know better looking they now are with the new haircut. Don’t forget to reward them also with a new toy or a quick snack. If you promised anything before the haircut (a bribe!) make sure you fulfill that promise!

Now start planning your child's first haircut. Good luck!

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