Prickly Heat!

As if the summer heat is not enough, I get even more irritated to see Bea scratching her skin so roughly that it turns beet red already. The heat and the perspiration has caused her skin to break out into a full scale prickly heat episode. The other day, on my way home from the office, I just had to drop by the drug store and buy something to help ease the itchiness Bea was feeling. I bought the good old Calamine lotion of my childhood: Caladryl and Johnson's Cooling Baby Powder. I was actually looking for Fissan Powder, the one specifically made for prickly heat, however there were no stock available. I guess my Bea is not alone in her predicament since a lot of other people bought the powder.

I sure hope the heat eases up soon enough. It is just too hot!!!

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