Take Good Care of Your Eyes

I have been wearing glasses right out of college. When I was still a kid, I discovered my love for reading. Two of my aunts were avid readers, and I had access to lots of books of varied topics. My responsible parents warned me against reading in the dark and while riding in jeepneys. They said it was not good for my eyes. Being the child that i was, I didn't believe them. 

Many, many books and years after, I started getting headaches. My mom took me to an optometrist and she gave me the verdict: I needed glasses. 

The glasses my dear Bea is wearing in the picture is just a prop in our photobooth. She thankfully still have perfect vision (she's just 6 after all). So here's my advice for you dear Bea: Take care of your eyes. Eat lots of vegetables. Though reading is always good, read with proper lighting and steady ground. Learn from mommy's mistake. When I was younger, I though wearing glasses was cool. It's not, mostly it's a hassle. For a time I wore contact lenses because of convenience, until my eyes got irritated. You have beautiful eyes baby, you shouldn't hide them behind eye glasses. 

I hope my Bea is wiser than me and heed this advice. =)

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