Out On Errands

At what age should we allow our children to go out on errands? Last month, hubby decided our 6 year old Bea is old enough to be given some responsibilities, one of them is being sent out to buy stuff from the nearby sari-sari store. The first time we sent her out, we asked her to buy 2 pcs of ice. Hubby wrote  a down what she needed to buy in a piece of paper so she can just hand it to the storekeeper. We also gave her the exact amount so that there won't be any change. Hubby just reminded her to stay on the sidewalk and watched her from afar.A few minutes later, she was back! Success! But then she ran straight to me and told me how her daddy had sent her off to the store alone, what if she was ran over by a car?? A six year old worry wart...haha.  

After that first time, we sent her out on various errands to the store. She has gotten more confident about these trips and don't worry as much about getting ran over by cars anymore. Save for one incident where she almost forgot her task when she saw her friends playing nearby and was sidetracked into playing with them, her assignments have been successful. What's next? Bring it on, our 6 year old princess is ready! =)


jellybelly said...

Congratulations! I hope when the time comes for my little girl to step out into the world, I'll have courage to let her like you.

Growing Up With Bea said...

Thanks Jelly Belly! Actually it was her daddy who decided it was time, if it were me I think I'd baby her till eternity! haha!

When it's your little girl's turn to venture into the world... I'm sure you'll both do great! =)

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