Tips on Teaching Your Child to Be More Organized

My parents hated clutter. They constantly reminded us to put away our things properly. My sister slowly adapted the habit. When she was younger, her room was cluttered like mine, but when she grew up, she learned the art of de-cluttering regularly. Sadly, I wasn’t able to develop that trait.

It was only when became an adult that I learned the value of organization. A cluttered space promotes a cluttered mind. Now I would like to teach my Bea how to be organized. At a young age, we can teach our children to appreciate the value of clean and orderly surroundings. They can always start with simple things they know very well, their toys.

Let me share with you tips on teaching your child the value of packing away their toys:

Let your child play with only one toy at a time. Allow her to bring out another toy from her toy chest only after she returns the previous toy properly.

Make up a song while you pack away. Make a game out of the activity. Make sure she finishes packing away her toy before the song is done.

Use clear and positive instructions. Say “Mommy would love it if you help in picking up your toys” or “Please return your dolls back to the toy chest”.

Appreciate and give praise for her actions. Let her know that you’re proud of her for remembering to pack away her toys properly.

Consistency is always important if you want this positive trait to develop into a habit. By constantly reminding your child to pack away her toys and then affirming her actions, this will set the foundation and eventually develop into a positive part of her personality as she grows up.

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