I am now a Sangobion Mommy!

My Bea has grown so fast! She is now six and about to turn 7 next January. I look back and wonder where have all the years gone? Parang kalian lang, she was just learning how to walk, now she’s running all over the place! She is in that phase where she is just so active. I can barely keep up with her! She bring home so many lessons to study, and mind you, the children’s subject matter nowadays, grabe! She’s still in preschool but her lessons are so complicated, you’d think they’re intended for grade school students!

So sometimes, keeping up with my daughter and keeping a day job (not for long though) plus the challenge of growing our photography business takes its toll on me. I just feel tired all the time. I often lack sleep and my skin is just dull.

So, I decided I need vitamins. With so many multivitamins in the market, I decided to try Sangobion (Merck) It promises that I’d look and perform at my best. Sold! Just like that I decided to become a Sangobion Mommy!

Sangobion is actually an iron supplement, but unlike other iron supplements, it is organic iron. This organic iron formulation allows for better absorption in the body.

Sangobion contains Vitamin C, Folic acid, Vitamin B12, Copper sulfate, and Manganese sulfate. A big improvement is the fact that Sangobion contains SORBITOL. Since a common complaint from iron supplements is that it causes constipation, Sorbitol is a good solution. This component acts as an anti-constipating agent. Sorbitol is naturally found in edible fruits and vegetables. Unlike other iron supplements which have an icky metallic smell and taste, this vitamin comes in a delicious chocolate scent.  I know, you had me at chocolate! Haha..

At P18.25 per capsule, it may not be the cheapest vitamin supplement out there, but I am willing to try it out so that I can hope to reap its wonderful effects in the years to come!

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