My Nanny Has TB! Grrr...

I sent my nanny packing. Yesterday, I found out that she has tuberculosis. Argh! She is now the record holder for being the nanny with the shortest number of days with us. She was with us for a total of 4.5 days.
This year, we’ve had the most nanny problems ever. When I have time, I will share them all one by one. Right now, let me just say that this year alone, we’ve had to change nannies five times!

Our latest nanny, C was referred to us by our cleaning lady and one-time nanny L. She is 16 years old but she assured me that she has already been employed as a nanny before to a little boy. I thought that this is good, she will surely be able to handle Bea. At 16, she seems to have already had a full and challenging life. Just a few months before, she lost a baby in her womb, and her boyfriend blamed her for “killing” their child. OMG… that burden at such a young age! Anyway, we were really desperately looking for help. Berto (the hubby) couldn’t get his projects done because nanny duties have been delegated to him.

So we said yes, ok let’s give C a try. When she stood up from our interview, I heard her cough. A crackling cough that made me cringe. Uh-oh. I wanted to take it back, my consent to employ her, but hubby seemed so relieved that finally he will get some work done, I just didn’t have the heart.

When  C came back the next day, we asked her to wear a surgical mask, especially when she’s around Bea. She complied. We also made sure she drank her cough meds. While training her about her daily tasks, hubby and I noticed that she is a bit sloooow, literally and figuratively. Out of desperation, we decided not to notice na lang.

On her third day, she asked for P500 so she can have that chest xray she was asked to have by the health center. Hubby gave her the money. She promised she’d return later that night. She didn’t.

After 4 days she came back, out of the blue with her boyfriend and his mom. She was explaining how her boyfriend got sick and she had to take care of him at the hospital. Ok, we are understanding folks, and stuff like these do happen. (although they should’ve had the courtesy to have someone stop by and tell us what happened.) We took her back in. Just when she was about to retire in her room, hubby asked her nonchalantly about her chest x-ray. That’s when she dropped the bomb, she has tuberculosis. She said it in a matter-of-fact way, as if she was just making kwento that she had hair rebonded or her brows waxed.  I felt my blood rush to my feet. Waaah!

That’s when we decided she had to go. We explained to her that we just can’t have a sick person near our child, especially with Bea’s bout with primary complex when she was a baby! C seemed so surprised and bewildered. I don’t think she realizes the weight of her illness. Maybe she thinks it’s just another name for the cough. (??)

Anyway, we are now back to being nannyless…  hay.  Please…. we really need someone before the weekend comes because that weekend is PACKED with activities for our business.  I am sending good vibes out there… =)

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