Bea's Dance During SLRMS Foundation Day

Last Saturday, we went to school early for your Foundation Day Presentation. Too bad Daddy didn't feel well, that's why he opted to stay behind and rest. No worries because mommy came with you. We also brought ate Gladish along too for some additional support.

First to present were the nursery students. They were so adorable. I remember your presentation last year, with the Filipiniana costume... Cuteness overload!

My heart leapt when the announcer said that it was the Kinder pupils' turn to present their dance, which they ardently prepared for...

I got ready with my DSLR, ready to zoom in on my little princess. You had your dance steps "almost" memorized =) You brandished your baton (a pvc pipe covered with gold paper and stripped straw on both ends) with confidence and style. Too bad  the sun was already high in the sky by that time and you got a bit distracted by the heat... but over all, it was a wonderful performance.

After the presentation, we went up to your classroom where you showed be the artworks you did for art class. I was so proud! Great job baby, keep it up! =)

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