Buwan ng Wika Presentation

Last August 30, Bea's school had their Buwan ng Wika culminating activity. This is after more than a week of no classes because of heavy rains because of habagat. She appeared as one of the fishes in their play (and the cutest one at that!). I posted my fishy problem here, and thankfully we were able to borrow this cute fish costume from her cousin. It was too small for her already, but we made do. Look at her, all smiles! In the last picture, she's with Kayla, our neighbor, her classmate and her best friend since they were 3.

In previous years, Buwan ng Wika activities are such pain in the butt. We had to scramble for various costumes: patadyong, baro't saya and ifugao. We have no one to borrow from so we have no choice but the buy. It took such an effort to look for the costumes, prepare the props and not to mention the cost of everything! Prices for Filipino costumes skyrocket every August. This year though, in respect for those affected by the heavy rains by habagat, they were not required to come in costume. Those who already had costume may wear them, but it was ok to wear their PE uniform too. Plus, it was just a few hours presentation, after which they proceeded with regular classes, to make up to the many days they didn't have any. Yey! Kudos to their school for being considerate.

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