Bea's First Trimester Examinations

Today is the last day of Bea's first trime exams, yes it's finally over! Woohoo! I feel it's more of a relief for me than for her. The past three days we've been fetching her from school. School ground looks so chaotic at dismissal time, maybe it's the children's way of letting off steam and stress from their examinations. Girls run all over the place, boys climb whatever they can climb. It was very amusing just to watch them!

Finally we see our little Bea, dragging her Snow White lunch bag and her small bag hanging down her body loosely. Well actually it's my small bag that I've decided to just give to her. After all it's pink! And it's perfect since it is big enough to accommodate her school diary and some notebooks and books. She'll get to use it during examination days.

These were taken last Tuesday, first day of exams.  We saw her from afar looking tired almost dragging her feet, but when Bea saw us, she was all smiles! I think she appreciates that her dad and I were there for her.

I hope she did well on her exams! Oh stop it! I'm sure she did! =)

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