Lactum 3+ and 6+ Disney Freebies

Yesterday while we were at the grocery, Berto and I remembered it was time to buy Bea's milk. We usually buy Lactum's value pack since we find that it have more value for our money since it has 100g of milk free! When we got to the milk aisle, imagine our surprise when we saw that Lactum not only had extra grams of free milk, it also had other freebies featuring Disney Characters! 

The Lactum 6+ 1.2 kg had a free Disney tumbler featuring Goofy or Pluto with it! We chose the orange one. There was no pink tumbler so Bea will have to do with this one. =)

Apparently, this week Lactum 3+ and 6+ offers FREE Disney Mealtime Surprise!

Lactum 3+/6+ 350g/370g: Sticker Set

Lactum 3+ 600g: Pouch
Lactum 3+/6+ 900g: Spoon and Fork
Lactum 3+/6+ 1.2kg: Tumbler
Lactum 3+ 1.6kg: Food Keeper

Go ahead and try to complete them all!

Head on over to their facebook page for more info:

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