Rainy Sunday Out

Yesterday, Berto and I had a meeting with a client in Robinson's Ermita. We decided to bring Bea along. It was such a rainy day! We were supposed to go to the memorial park first to light candles for my mom since it's her birthday, but it was raining so hard, we decided not to go anymore since we won't be able to go down the van anyway. We'll just go some other day.

We arrived in Robinson's just in time. We went to the meeting place (Cafe Breton), met the client, said hi then after a few minutes, excused ourselves. Daddy willll do most of the talking anyway so we left him to do what he's good at. =)

While daddy's busy, us girls went window shopping. Although we agreed on just looking, when we passed by the Disney Princess shelf, we saw so many adorable things! There were Disney Princess gowns, bags, pencils, socks and shoes. Then we saw this cute ID lace. I remembered that her ID lace from school just broke, so we bought one. I thought that item was more useful compared to the princess crown that she was begging me to buy. 

After all the walking, Bea and I got hungry. We decided to start our lunch, daddy will surely come in a while, we went to the food court and ordered food from Chin's. This was Bea's first time to try their food. I ordered Garlic Chicken and Chicken Noodles. Just like her dad, Bea is not too keen to try new food. She initially resisted what I got for her, but when she got to taste it, she finally gave her nod. =) Daddy arrived after a few minutes and had lunch with us. Bea kept on telling him to get the same food, assuring him it was good! All the while, it was her dad's turn to be apprehensive to try this new dish. Argh! Like father like daughter. 

After lunch, we walked around for a bit until we met someone tall, soft and yellow: The Happy Lemon mascot! Bea squealed with joy and hurried over for a photo. The mascot was happy to oblige, even though we didn't buy anything from their shop. 

We did take her to the nearby Quickly kiosk so that she can taste one of our favorite drinks. Again, Bea didn't even want to try my Choco Loco Super, but when she  finally did, she simply loved it!  She didn't return the cup we "shared" which is just fine with me. I'm just glad she's now trying to enjoy new tastes and flavors. 

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