Teacher Yaya: A Workshop for Your Assistant

As much as we'd want to, not all of us parents can really manage without help in the house. In the Philippines, households with children are often with nannies or yayas, especially when parents are working. We reluctantly leave our children at home, sometimes alone with our yayas. Sadly, not all yayas we hire have the same values we have, or at least the values we'd want to impart to our kids. It's not only important that our nannies are competent in taking care of our little ones, it is also vital that they understand their impact to their ward's life. 

Thank goodness for the Teacher Yaya Workshop by the Learning Basket. It is a 2-hour workshop on September 21, a Saturday at 9am-11am. Seminar costs only P400. The Speaker is Ms. Mariel and she will be speaking to our assistants in Filipino, so they'd be more comfortable and can understand the topics better.

You can accompany your yaya for the 2-hour seminar. There is an air conditioned room in the Madela House where you and your kids can comfortably wait for you yaya.

Venue of the seminar is the Madela House, #29 First Street, New Manila QC.

To register click this link
For more information hop on over to The Learning Basket's website: http://www.thelearningbasket.com/

Too bad, I don't have a nanny as of the moment. If I did, I would definitely send her to this workshop. It's an investment for my child's well being and good upbringing. =)

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