Fishy Surprise

No nanny for a week. Yes, hubby and I are on nanny duties. Today was my turn to prepare my daughter for school and to walk her there. Actually I try to take on the task everyday but there are just days when I can't get up and hubby thankfully steps up.

Bea was really good this morning, she finished her oatmeal and milk in record time, made no fuss while taking a bath and brushed her teeth with no complaints at all! Simple joys indeed!

 Last week, Bea's teacher wrote in her diary that she has been chosen to play a fish in a presentation, that we should prepare her costume. The teacher didn't put the date of the presentation. I assumed it would be in a few weeks. I didn't prepare anything during the long weekend. As I said, we didn't have a nanny plus hubby and I covered a debut for our photography business.

After I brought Bea to school and I was walking back to the house, I saw her classmate who is also our neighbor. She was carrying a lot of things. When she got nearer, I saw that she was actually carrying her costume! When I asked her about it, she said that she brought it because Teacher said to be ready by August 13, today. TODAY?? What?! I immediately felt panic… and guilt. Oh no! Bea will be the only student there with no costume, she'll feel left out and she'll hate me forever! Waaah!

I rushed in the house, furious with myself. I started rummaging through our stuff, looking for something we might fashion into something that might pass off as a fish costume. Nothing.

Then I remembered that I had her teacher's number. I texted her and asked when the costume is needed, making mental note that I can still rush off to our local dry market, purchase a costume and bring it to Bea's school. I was holding my breath, quietly praying that she replies fast to I can still go out and buy. After a few minutes, she thankfully replied. I felt all my blood rushing back to my blood stream, air filling my lungs and relief soaking my being. "Good morning po. Aug 30 po yung costume." Hay Diyos ko! Panic much!

Note to self: save your sanity, be ready with fish costume by the weekend!

Picture of cute clown fish costume from

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