Shopping after Christmas

On Christmas morning,  Bea eagerly checked the stocking that she placed on the Christmas tree the night before.  She was soo happy to find P50. Then her grandfather's friend dropped by and gave a little red envelope.  When I asked her how much was inside,  she nonchalantly said P50 only,  but when I checked,  it contained P500! When I explained to her that this is actually more valuable than she initially thought,  she got really excited!  I guess she's only beginning to grasp the value of money. 

A few days after Christmas,  we all went to the mall to attend to some errands.  Bea came along because according to her,  she wanted to do some Christmas shopping too.  ;)  Us girls both went straight for the bookstore while her dad looked for some place to sit.  He knew we were going to be in there for some time.  It has finally happened!  She is now as excited as I am to go to the bookstore!

I told her to go and get what she wanted to buy,  but she should choose wisely since we will be spending her P550 that she got for Christmas.  She happily went off,  picking stuff then putting them back down, as if assessing if they would fit her shopping spree budget.  Hahaha!  My little smart shopaholic in the making. 
After what seemed like an hour,  she finally approached me and said she was ready to pay for her loot.  We went to the counter and guess what?  She was just P47 short!  Amazing!

Her daddy couldn't resist laughing out loud when he saw his two girls approach him from where he was sitting.  We both had a big paper bag from National Bookstore each! Like mother like daughter I guess!

She bought some puzzle books, coloring books, a clay modeling book,  24pc Crayola Twistable crayons,  a memory game and a tub of cotton candy we saw outside the bookstore. See how happy she is with her goodies!

She has since then declared that National Bookstore is the happiest place in the world!  I'm so proud of her!


Julie said...

What a wonderful "loot" :) You little girl is very smart with the things she chose to buy.

Berto and Kwala said...

Hi Julie! Yes, I'm particularly proud that she's now as excited as I am when we go to the bookstore! =)

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