It's Only Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdogs for Bea

Bea "cooking" the hotdogs

Earlier before this evening, Bea told me she wanted hotdogs for dinner. Good thing her Lolo bought some for her a few days ago. As always, she was so eager to help me cook the hotdogs.

First, she got them from the fridge herself. She took two pieces, peeled off the clear plastic covering of each hotdog and then waited for further instructions. I got a small non-stick pan and heated over a low flame. I told Bea to put some warm water in the pan. This is how I cook my hotdogs, just like I cook tocino. I cook them in water instead of in oil. This way it's healthier and the finished product looks better, smoother and not at all wrinkly. =)

I put the hotdogs in the water and stirred them constantly as Bea looked on. I rolled them from one side to the other as the water evaporated. This should continue for about a minute, don't stop, because the hotdogs will burn since the pan has no oil. I then transfered the cooked Tender Juicy hotdogs on a clean plate as Bea excitedly took it to the table to start her dinner.  I knew the hotdogs tuned out quite good, the big smile on her face told me so! =)

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