Shoe Shopping with Bea at Payless Shoe Source

Bea's cutey black shoes 

Just before the year 2013 ended,  I had a big revelation.  As a mother this is pretty big news.  My sweet 7 year old daughter now has her own opinion when it comes to buying her stuff.  

The other day,  I took her shoe shopping since her pink sandals' straps broke.  We went to SM Masinag.  We were supposed to go straight to the department store but when we passed by the Payless Shoe Store Bea just wanted to go in.  I've never bought shoes there myself.  I did buy earrings from them since they have stylish and affordable fashion accessories like earrings,  bracelets and even wallets and sunnies.  
Once inside,  Bea immediately touched shoes that were either for babies (Dora the Explorer and other characters) or too mature for her (as in stilettos and platform wedges).  I tried to sway her to look at safer pumps but she would just look at them,  shake her head then go to find another high-heeled pair.  Argh! I realized that days of imposing what I wanted her to wear is now coming to an end.  Kids nowadays really do mature faster!  I remember my mom fixing what I will wear until I was in gradeschool...  Or maybe that's just me.  Hehe. 

Anyway,  we finally compromised on getting safe black flat shoes,  with glitzy,  glittery ribbon across it.  Plus it was on sale!  We got it for only P500++. Win-win! 

My little girl is really growing up fast! 

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