Our Princess Is Eight!

We celebrated our only daughter's birthday two days ago. We woke up early and heard mass. After mass, we rushed home so Bea can finish her breakfast and go to school on time. We didn't have any party planned this year, but we wanted her to feel special on her day so I let her wear her crown to church and school. Actually, she wore it the whole day! So that she'd feel princess-like the whole day!

We fetched her from school and bought some food for our simple lunch. We bought a small chocolate cake from Red Ribbon. Then we bought some DIY decorating flowers and sprinkles from Goldilocks. When we got home, Bea had a grand time decorating her own cake!

We also got some left over Cinderella cupcake toppers and put them on the cake too. The finished product was beautiful! 

Happy happy birthday Princess Bea!!!

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