A Wedding To Remember

When my cousin and his girlfriend announced that they will be getting married last December, we were all very excited. It has been a while since we had a wedding in our family. Actually it was almost 10 years ago, and it was our wedding. And we were doubly excited when my cousin asked the little girl to be part of the entourage. She was chosen as a flower girl. When my cousin asked for the little girl’s full name so that it can be placed on their wedding invitations, I happily obliged. They planned on giving away those save the date cards too, but I guess the preparation time was just too short, so they just had the printers print the wedding invitations right away.

After a few weeks, we met them again for the little one’s fitting. Except for some minor length adjustments, her gown was perfect. It was gold with lace trimmings, and it reached up to the floor. The little girl looked just so grown up wearing it!

When we got wedding invitations, I excitedly looked for my daughter’s name. When I found it perfectly embossed with golden ink, I just felt so proud! Even though the little girl can’t read yet, I could tell that she’s excited too; she just won’t let the darn invitation go!

This wedding will surely be an occasion that will be remembered by our family for a very long time.

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