From Toddler School to Big School for Bea

Last Saturday, Bea and I went to the nearby school for her interview. We decided to transfer Bea from a toddler school to a “big” school.

Initially Bea didn’t want to leave her old school. She said her old teachers will cry if she leaves. I told her she has a lot of things to look forward to in the big school: new friends, bigger classroom, new toys, but she just won’t be swayed. She still maintains she prefers her old school. That is until I said the magic word “computer”. In her new school they will be teaching the kids basic lessons about the computer. This got her really excited! “Ater!” (computer!)

Now she is excited and really looks forward to the opening of classes. She is excited at the thought that like mommy, she’ll get to tinker with computers!

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Heart of Rachel said...

That's an exciting change for Bea. Hope she will love her new place.

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