Taking Public Transportation with my Daughter

Ever since Bea was a baby, we’ve had a car or van to ride in so getting from one point to another wasn’t a problem for us. But I feel that as a parent, it is my resposibility to expose her to new things. So I thought as part of Bea’s education, she should experience taking public transportation too, so she won’t feel left out when friends and classmates talk about riding the pedicab or the jeepney.

So far, we’ve ridden the jeepney to buy milk at the nearby Mercury Drug Store and we’ve ridden the pedicab from the corner of our village to our house. We’ve also ridden the taxi and FX several times already. We rode the MRT once from Cubao Station to Ayala Station and then back again to Cubao Station. She enjoyed this immensely! We flew on an airplane to and from Cebu and we rode a ferry boat to Bohol and back. There are only two other public transportations we’ve yet ride: the tricycle and the bus.

Hubby warned Bea that she will never ever ever be allowed to ride a motorcycle. She must have deduced that motorcycles are dangerous, so she’s not that keen on riding the motorcycle’s cousin, the tricycle. But whenever she sees a bus, she gets all excited. She keeps on asking me when we’ll ride one. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance soon.

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