Flower Girl: The Preparation

When Bea was told that she was going to be a flower girl at ninong’s wedding, she was so excited, even though she didn’t exactly understand what that means. She even told her teacher and classmates about it, and they were very happy for her too!

We told her what she was supposed to do: walk along the aisle slowly while throwing flower petals paving the way for the bride. We practiced THE WALK. We reminded her again and again that her pacing should be slow, but sometime’s she’d forget and break into a hop/run, then we’d have to remind her again.

4 weeks before the occasion, we asked our neighbor who used to sew dresses to take her measurements and then we just relayed said measurements to her ninong. Everything was done in a rush so we didn’t have time to schedule the initial fitting. 2 weeks before the wedding, we met her ninong in Makati, then we followed their car to Pateros (where the dressmaker was located) for her final fitting. Thankfully, the gown’s fit was ok, aside from the length, they had to cut a few inches off, so that she wouldn’t trip on the aisle. Seeing her gold gown excited her even more!

The weekend before the wedding, I decided to stage a dress/makeup rehearsal. I experimented on the makeup style I planned to apply on her face. I didn’t have any makeup for kids so I used my own supply. I sure hope Body Shop makeup is hypoallergenic and safe for children’s skin. I asked hubby’s opinion about the little girl’s appearance and he gave me the thumbs up. =) He said it was just right. The application wasn’t too thick, just enough.

Later that afternoon, we also trooped to the mall to buy Bea shoes to match her golden gown, and when we passed by the accessories section, we just couldn’t resists the items on display, so we went ahead and bought her a bracelet and a necklace.

That night, just before she fell asleep, she was still asking about her dress, shoes and accessories, as if to make sure that everything ready for her big debut the next day.

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