missing ninang and lolo

The little one feels there is something different in our current set up. There are some missing players in her day to day life… lolo and ninang have been away for almost a week! It’s lolo’s first time to go back to the province he grew up in since he got married. I’m sure it must have been bitter-sweet the first time he alighted from the plane. Sweet because of the memories, bitter because of the reason why he had to go there… his brother died. The brother who took care of him and his siblings when they were still little kids… died because of complications from a spinal injury.

Anyway, the little girl keeps on looking for them. It has been days since she last saw ninang and lolo. When she asks for them, I tell her “they’re riding an airplane”, then she’d pout and say sadly, “Bea, iwan” (They left Bea). When they were able to talk to her on the phone she told ninang, “uwi na ha, ukas!” (come home tomorrow!) every morning, she is by her lonesome when she jogs…or at least as she zooms to and fro in front of our house. She is lolo’s designated jogging buddy. Good thing though that her lola from daddy’s side is here in the country for a visit so she occupies the little one’s mornings. After hearing the daily mass at the church near our house, she would pass by to play with kulit. =)

Good thing Saturday’s coming soon, ninang will be home by then! One less person to miss! =) little bea will be super happy for sure!

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Chris said...

little girls are adorable.. arent they? its my first time on your site. i think your sites are great. can i exchange links with you? id like to put you on my blog roll :)

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