are you afraid of the...cold?

My little bea is a brave little soul. She has very little concept of danger or of other scary things. Although last Halloween, she learned that there are certain things that people are scared of…thanks to her yaya. One example is the movie Kulam, by Judy Ann Santos. Since her yaya gets scared whenever she looks at the dvd, bea learned to be scared too. Then when her ninang brought home a brochure from toy kingdom showcasing different Halloween goodies, she was particularly scared of the bloody hand. And so understandably, she was also scared when the commercial for the selecta family pack featuring Zoren and Carmina’s family, it featured a mutilated hand.

She did not get that from mommy because I love horror movies, and I love getting scared. Probably from daddy’s side of the family…shhh. Don’t tell him. Hehehe.

One fear she did get from me though, is her fear of cold water. Hehehe. We can’t take our baths without boiling some water to mix with the tap water. When she feels her water is too cold for comfort, she screams her heart out. She is just not happy when she is not warm enough. Hubby loves the hot water for its therapeutic and relaxing effect on the body. Which is why we opted to celebrate my birthday last weekend by going to Laguna and soaking ourselves silly in its famed hot springs. Needless to say, the little one simply loved it…and so did we!

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