insurance for the little girl

Recently, FIL died, and this got hubby and I talking about death. Us, Filipinos, often cringe when we talk about death. We rather not talk about it because we feel it is a morbid topic, too terrible to even discuss. Memorial plans and life insurance plans are not to be purchased, because it is like inviting death to our doors. It is better to invest in retirement plans, this way you can still enjoy the fruits of your investment.

Our family can testify first hand, how helpful it was for us that our parents had memorial plans. When faced with tragedy, you are often confused and disoriented. You are too consumed by grief to even bother with the financial nitty-gritty. Many people don’t know, dying is very expensive, and it can cause so much financial strain on the family left behind. I experienced this when my mom died, hubby just experienced this when his dad died.

Although we both have our life insurance plans, I got the cheapest ones. I got them when we were in our early 20’s when death was such a remote possibility. Now, hubby is thinking of getting another one. I warned him that our budget just can’t allow it, but he is persistent. He is thinking about the little one’s future. 

Oh well. I guess a personal tragedy can really cause a reality check.

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