the entertainer

I never would’ve thought she had it in her. My daughter is turning out to be such an entertainer! I guess when a kid is healthy, it affects even her disposition in life. she used to be serious and lethargic, but when her vomiting was minimized and she started getting chubby, she has since transformed into an adorable little tot who’s all sunnny, and bubbly, and boinky-boinky! She’s learning so many words, although her speech is not yet that straight, but you can tell she means what she is saying. She has so much charm, and mind you she knows how to use it! When we scold her for being naughty, she knows how to snuggle up to us, make endearing noises, and actually coax a smile out of us. You really can’t stay mad at her for too long!


Hmmm… I hope she stays this way always, she’ll make a career out of it… in sales! Hahaha!



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