the early bird catches the worm

Whenever my alarm goes off in the morning, I hit the snooze button a couple of times until I have not other choice but to grudgingly get out of bed to take a bath. I am really not an early riser, probably because I stay up late at night scrapping or blogging. My little one however is a perky little ray of sunshine, who needs one one or two minutes to recharge before she is her usual bubbly self raring to conquer the world!. So unlike her grumpy mommy. One thing that’s amusing about her too is that once she starts squinting her closed lids, a tell tale sign that she is slowly coming to, she will then sit up, even with her eyes closed and then slowly she will open her eyes. Except for rare occasions when she is not in the mood, she would immediately smile, then either play with our cell phones or demand to watch barney on DVD.

It just amuses me that she is a morning person. =) I hope she stays the same until she is going to school already, that way it won’t be too hard to wake her up to get ready for school. And as they say, the early bird catches the worm!

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