Parenting and the Toddler Years - Tips for Surviving and Enjoying Them

Babies turn into toddlers very quickly. Many parents are completely surprised by how much spunk and orneriness a twenty-five pound toddler can pack. It is a widespread fact that the toddler years of children can easily be some of the most trying times for parents. This is when your childs personality starts to develope. However, the good news is that with a few tips and tricks under your belt, the toddler years can indeed be survived – and even be enjoyed most of the time by parent and child alike. The key to managing this sometimes challenging phase is to allow your child room to grow and explore while establishing boundaries and rules for him. The balance can be delicate and tricky, but is essential in developing a good relationship with your little one. The examples you set during this stage will carry with them for the rest of their lives. It is perhaps the most important time in your childs growth and development.

Providing a Safe Environment

First of all, besides child-proofing your home to make it safe for your youngster to play and explore, there are other ways to offer safety and security as well. Believe it or not, a toddler feels most secure when he knows what to expect in his day, and that you will be in charge of his life until he is big enough to manage it on his own. This type of security will come from a regular daily routine, so that your little one will be able to anticipate the next activity throughout his day. It is also important for you toddler to understand the behavior that you expect from him. You can communicate this to him through consistent boundaries and a clear enforcement of the rules of the house. Along with providing your child physical security, it is also important to provide emotional security. Don't be inconsistant in the rules that you set and when your child does something well, make sure you encourage them whenever possible.

It may seem that your toddler rebels against all of your efforts at routine and boundaries in the house. These years begin the time that your son or daughter will begin to establish independence from you, and part of this process is pushing the limits – and you – as far as possible. While this can make for a rocky relationship between you and your tot at times, rest assured that this is a necessary developmental phase for your child. It also helps to remember that the time spent in battle will usually diminish somewhat by the time your son or daughter enters grade school. If you have succeeded in holding fast to the boundaries of your home, your child will fare better during his school years as well.

Enjoying your Toddler

There is a reason that children are so cute between the ages of two and four. When the daily power-struggles begin to wear you down, those big blue eyes, crooked smile or infectious giggle that characterizes your child just might save your day. Despite the ongoing discipline issues that every parent of a toddler faces, your child is going to be fun to observe exploring his world or learning to relate to his family members. You will fare much better during this life phase if you allow time for you and your child to simply play and be together. Sometimes the world can see much more delightful when it is seen through a toddler’s eyes. By playing with your child at their level, you will be building a loving and trusting relationship. Enjoy the ride, and even though you may have other children, each one is unique and that experience will last for a lifetime, both yours and theirs. .


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