Bea's FB account hacked!

I just can't understand why people would do that. The little one's FB account was hacked a few days ago. A friend of mine sent me a message to look at Bea's FB account immediately because it appears to have been hacked. Of course I panicked! my wild imagination was already running wild. when i checked i was prepared for the worse, good thing the bad person who did it changed only her status. He wrote something very bad.


When i tried to log in, i cannot anymore! he changed the password. i tried to open Bea's email account, i can't also. He also changed that! argh! finally i was able to reset the email password, and the FB account password. When i logged in her FB, I immediately removed the offensive shoutout! i checked her photos and her profile, everything seems to be in order. who would do a thing like that? Only bad people with so much time in their hands and nothing to do i guess. idle minds are definitely the devil's playground!


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