First Time to Ride The School Bus

Bea has been attending a Catholic school here in Edmonton for a month now. Thankfully, she seems to have adjusted pretty well. Everyday, her English is getting better and better plus she's making new friends. When we first registered her, we also signed up for the school bus. However, since by the time the school office returned from summer vacation, the roster of students to be picked up by the school bus was already finalized. The secretary told us that they'd be able to accommodate us by the next month. So, today, on the first day of October, Bea got to ride the bus for the first time! Her wide smile can barely contain her excitement, Back in the Philippines, her school was only walking distance away from home so she never got to experience to ride a "service".

Today she got up earlier, finished her breakfast faster and kept on repeating the bus number of the bus from Stock Transportation that will pick her up. When the bus came (promptly at 7:45am) she got on excitedly! By the way, she wore her new skirt that I got for her from Target. =)

Later, I'll be picking her up on the designated bus stop. I'm as excited to hear how her ride went and how her experience being all "mature and grown up" felt. =)

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