Going Gaga Over Pet Society

Lately, my darling sister and I have been addicted to Facebook’s Pet Society. I have a dog named Spunkette while she has a dog (?) named Flipflap. Our cousin, Ella invited us to join. At first, I ignored the invitation, I mean I have so many pending invitations and this particular invitation didn’t arouse my interest. But then she kept on talking about her pet and how often she played Pet society, so I got curious, finally accepted the invite and created my own pet. Initially, spunkette was a boy dog named spunky. But when I started dressing him up, I realized that clothing options for male pets were quite limited. My inadequate number of coins earned didn’t help either. Plus, as we all know, it is always for fun to play dress up with little girls. So I went ahead and changed his gender. He became a she and spunky became spunkette.

My sister’s pet went through the same dilemma, and in the end she also chose for be a girl. Although the name flipflap remained the same.

We’ve been playing for some time now and we have been so addicted, that whenever our respective computers are on, we are logged on to Pet Society for sure, joining races, buying mystery boxes, feeding and bathing our pets and well as other’s. In other words, we are simply hooked! We even exchange emails just to talk about our pets and their latest adventures in their virtual world. Bea already recognizes our pets. She just loves to watch us play with our pets. She especially loves it when we feed them. (She makes the munching sound along with our pets.)

Bea knows them by name. She even invented her own pet. We didn’t teach her or anything. She just came up with it on her own.

“Who is mommy’s pet?” “Anket (Spunkette)”.

“Who is ninang’s pet?” “Plipplap (Flipflap)”.

“Who is Bea’s pet?” “Em-em” (!)

It doesn’t matter how many times we ask her, her answer is consistent. It’s always Em-em!

Yep, even Bea is going gaga over Facebook’s Pet Society!

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Heart of Rachel said...

I love PS too! Now I'm wondering, are we Facebook pals already?

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