My little fibber

we have encountered yet another milestone of sorts when it comes to our daughter. hubby and i were quite surprised that our little one is now capable of telling white lies... uh oh!

on our wall next to our bed, there are some rubber alphabet and numbers matting we've glued to the wall to prevent her from bopping her head. when she wakes up after her morning or afternoon nap and no one has picked her up yet, it has been her habit to pick on the rubber numbers within her reach. soon enough, numbers 8 and 9 have gotten loose and have fallen in the space between the wall and the bed.

when i asked her played with the numbers causing them to fall (of course we knew it was her, we just wanted how she would react...) without batting an eyelash, she answered: "Rose!" --her nanny!

i calmly reminded her that it was wrong to blame her actions on somebody else... she soberly bowed her head down, like a grown little lady...after which i hugged her and kissed her. when she saw that i was smiling again... she promptly ran off to her grandfather and said: "lolo, titan mommy!" (lolo, pinagalitan ni mommy!) argh!

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