Answered Prayer for My Daughter

it has been a while since we attended the regular prayer meeting of our community, but i remember that when we were still actively attending, we used to pray for the same things, over and over (don't we all)

we prayed for our little bea to get over her feeding difficulties, complete healing from her acid reflux and for us to find a suitable nanny for her for hubby and i are both working.

God is good indeed, and although it took some time (and a lot of frayed nerves!) God sent a great nanny our way! i was i little apprehensive because she was young at 17 years old, but she's ok. in fact she is now bea's best friend. they even have private jokes that only the two of them understand! her youth and energy works to her advantage since bea is now a handful, running here and there, jumping, shouting, laughing... being a typical toddler!

another answered prayer is the fact that bea seems to be getting over her acid reflux! yey! except for yesterday's episode (oops, she was overfed i think), it has been more than a month since her last episode! she is still difficult to feed, won't eat anything else but lugaw with sinigang, still force fed through syringes, but at least her body is now absorbing her food! and the improvement shows:

i am very grateful! so many answered prayers! i hope she keeps this up!

i definitely acknowledge divine intervention, plus a patient and persistent yaya, and a new vitamin we tried: Scott's Emulsion. according to my father, this vitamin has been around for ages, in fact they tried it on my sis and me, but since it was essentially cod liver oil, (eewww!) we didn't like the taste. kudos to glaxosmithkline for reintroducing this supplement in a super tasty orange flavor. bea seems ok with the taste, thankfully!

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